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Camelot Drabble- New AO3 Mod / Co-Mod Needed

Hi everyone!

camelot_drabble is on the lookout for someone to help the community as a new moderator. Unfortunately, our AO3 mod is stepping down. Therefore, we are currently looking for someone to fill in the AO3 Mod position as well. Past experience dealing with AO3 is preferred, but we will be able to take anyone who is willing to learn through a step by step of the process.

As co-mod, we need someone to monitor the community, check that there’s no drama going on, make/edit some posts, help put with the Holiday Exchange Fest, can be the backup for the masterlist and/or edit.

If you're interested in being our new MOD, please leave us a comment HERE.

Merlin Writers' & Artists' Telephone Game FAQ

What is this?
The Merlin Writers’ & Artists’ Telephone Game (WATGAME) is an online collaborative art and writing game. The concept is similar to the famous verbal telephone game, only for this challenge artists and writers will successively create illustrated narratives for BBC’s Merlin!

How does this work exactly?
• When an artist or writer finishes their piece, they will send it to Artists must submit their work as a png file with a transparent background, and writers must either send in their work as a gdocs or docx. file.

• We will then ask the next artist/writer on the list whether they are available to complete their piece in the next ten days. If not, we will switch them with the person following them, and go down the list until we find someone available, to whom we will send the most recent work.

• If after receiving the previous artist’s/writer’s work, you later find out that you won’t be able to finish your work within your ten day timeframe, please inform us so we can switch you with someone else further down the list!

Note: Artists and writers will be on the same team! It will alternate depending on whether an artist or writer started the chain, but the aim is for that there will be an equal number of artists and writers on each team.

Is there a minimum/maximum word count?

Yes! Writers are asked to submit something between 500-3000 words!

Does the art have to be coloured?
We only ask you to send in something you consider as a finished piece. It doesn’t have to be coloured if that isn’t your preferred style.

How can I join?
Signups will open soon! Watch the community for more information!

How many people can participate?
This is typically the kind of game where it gets crazier and funnier with more people, and this is exactly what we want so… Please tell your friends so we can have as many artists and writers as possible!

What if I have to drop out?
We hope this won’t be the case, but of course we understand that sometimes it can’t be avoided. If you feel you can’t complete the challenge, please just shoot us a message asap!

Where and when will the completed chain be posted?
When every artist on the list has sent in their work, we will compile them and post the results to the community. We will be posting previews of the completed chains on Tumblr, and put the entire work on AO3 and LJ (I will make a post soon with the link to the complete LJ page)!

Can I post my work to my own blog?
As soon as the compilation for your chain has been posted, you can post your artwork/writing on your own space!
However, we will ask you to refrain from posting your work (any kind of preview included) anywhere before the chain is complete. Part of the fun is to keep the whole chain secret until the end!

I still have questions!
Send any other questions you have to !
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Last Call for Merlin TAG Sign-Ups!

Just a reminder that MERLIN TAG sign-ups end today, January 14!

If you haven't yet signed up, please consider joining us!


Please help promote MERLIN TAG!

You can also reblog the banner plus all five pieces of amazing artwork @merlinartfest

A huge thank you to
gabriellajane, @real-classy, michaelssw0rd and dylogger
for providing the amazing art for this banner!

Our first banner can be found posted here on LJ and here on tumblr.