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31 March 2013 @ 11:00 am
Anonymous Masterlist of Art  
Here is the complete list of forty-two pieces of art created for the merlin_art_fest! Enjoy! And please remember to leave some love for the artists if you have not done so already! Thank you!

Anonymous created Merlin & Arthur [Merlin, Arthur - G]
Arthur and Merlin in pen.

Anonymous created Role Reversal [Merlin/Arthur - NC-17]
Both Arthur and Merlin get to give their lover a blowjob.

Anonymous created Gentleman [Merlin/Arthur - G]
Merlin and Arthur Victorian Style

Anonymous created Healing Gwaine [Merlin/Gwaine - PG]
Gwaine doesn't die but is severely physically and emotionally wounded. Merlin patiently restores him back to health and heals himself too (and of course finds love) in the process.

Anonymous created Trapeze [Merlin/Arthur - G]
I wanted to draw a bendy Merlin, so here he is!

Anonymous created Follow the Butterflies [Merlin - G]
bb!Merlin discovers magic :)

Anonymous created Sleep well, my king. One day you'll rise again. [Merlin, Arthur - G]
ne day the Once and Future King will rise again but now it's time to say goodbye... That night Merlin saw a sign that made him sure the prophecy will be fulfilled - he's not afraid to say goodbye anymore (basically a result of mixing Merlin 5x13 feels and Skyfall (Adele)... I already hate myself T_T)

Anonymous created Arthur Arisen [Merlin/Arthur - PG13]
Merlin had sworn to serve his King until the day he dies... and so the immortal sorcerer waited. Over a thousand years pass, feeling like an eternity, before... at last... Arthur returns from Avalon.

Anonymous created Love, Once and Future [Merlin/Arthur - PG]
Love is eternal.

Anonymous created Stargazing [Lancelot/Gwen - G]
Lancelot and Gwen stargazing.

Anonymous created Love and Magic [Merlin/Arthur - NC-17]
Some outdoor magic sex... and voyeur butterflies!

Anonymous created Midnight Blue [Merlin - G]
"He looks up and their eyes meet, Merlin’s wide and dark, a midnight blue perfectly in tune with the colour of the dress."

Anonymous created Verbum sat sapienti & Libertas parta [Merlin/Arthur - G]
It was a remarkable tale. Emrys Ambrosius, sentenced to the arena as damnati ad gladium, miraculously defeated three would-be dispatchers. After the pollice verso, he was made a proper gladiator and has been the crowd's (and the god's) favourite ever since. But this?! What started off simply as wish of good luck from one warrior to another ended up in a philosophical debate. And, mehercule, it was inconceivable that Artorius Caputo Draccus, son of the Caesar and as such, Imperator Destinatus, Legatus legionis, Primi Ordines of the Legio quarta, Centurio of the Legio quinta, had just lost a battle of wits to this fatuus!
Sequel: “Servus sum, Caesar” "Not anymore, my dear friend"

Anonymous created Meet me behind the tapestry of the Knight Errant [Merlin/Morgana - PG]
It's probably best Arthur thinks he's in the tavern, because he'd have Merlin's head if he knew what he's been doing with Morgana behind the tapestries.

Anonymous created Never Let Me Go [Merlin/Arthur - G]
It's thousands of years after Arthur's death.

Anonymous created To Hell With Tradition [Merlin/Arthur - NC17]
Based on excerpt from To Hell With Tradition by sophia_clark.

Anonymous created The Sleeping Beauty [Merlin/Arthur - G]
Arthur finds Merlin sleeping in the top of the tallest tower. He has to give him his true love's first kiss in order to wake him up.

Anonymous created So I Can Feel You Close to Me [Gwaine, implied Merlin/Gwaine - PG]
To Merlin, it's just another neckerchief; to Gwaine, it's a lot more.

Anonymous created Guess Who? [Merlin/Arthur - G]
Chibi Merthur.

Anonymous created Our King is Dead [Merlin, Gwen - G]
Gwen and Merlin comfort each other in the wake of Arthur's death.

Anonymous created what a man does in his private time [Merlin/Arthur - NC17]
Merlin crossdresses for Arthur.

Anonymous created Not a Vase [Merlin, Arthur - G]
Arthur, That is NOT a vase.

Anonymous created Forest of the Night [Gwen/Lancelot - G]
Title taken from 'Forst' by Yuki Kajiura.

Anonymous created First Sight [Merlin/Arthur - G]
Reincarnation - Merlin and Arthur instantly recognize each other from the faces they saw in their recurring dreams.

Anonymous created The Gentleman Barber [Merlin/Arthur - NC17]
Based on chapter in Check/Mate by i_claudia.

Anonymous created this hole where you and i will sing [Merlin/Arthur - G]
Based on ending scene of this hole where you and i will sing by Anon.

Anonymous created You're the Only Good Thing About This Bloody War [Merlin/Arthur - G]
WWII-era Merthur

Anonymous created Don't Look [Merlin/Other, implied Merlin/Arthur - R]
Arthur knows not to look. He knows that looking, right now, is going to be the stupidest thing he’s ever done in his entire life. Based on excerpt from In the Dust and the Shadows by lolafeist

Anonymous created A Family Portrait [Merlin/Arthur - G]
Arthur and Merlin go to a professional photographer with their recently adopted son to make their first family portrait.

Anonymous created Mirror Mirror [Merlin/Arthur - G]
Sometimes a mirror can reveal the true nature of people.

Anonymous created The Gardener [Merlin, Hunith - G]
Child Merlin has a way with the plants in Hunith's garden - whether they are what she planted or not!

Anonymous created The Cup of Life [Merlin/Arthur - G]
“The Cup of Life is real, Arthur,” Merlin says, jabbing at the stack of papers he had unceremoniously dumped on top of Arthur’s desk.

Anonymous created Coffee Date [Gwen/Lancelot - G]
Lancelot and Gwen on a coffee date.

Anonymous created warm and light [Merlin, Gwen - PG-13]
This is quite warm and touch. It can be before they make love or after LOL by the way you can imagine what will they do next.

Anonymous created Arthur Pendragon's Guide to Winning Video Games [Merlin/Arthur - G]
Merlin and Arthur sitting on a couch playing a video game together.

Anonymous created Our Paths Will Cross [Merlin/Arthur - G]
Late 18th century- Arthur is a well-to-do young man/antiquarian/sight-seer undertaking the fashionable pedestrian tour of Wales. At a place of antiquarian interest he happens across Merlin, who has been waiting for Arthur's return. Cue Arthur's memories + reunion!

Anonymous created At Bletchley Park [Merlin/Arthur - G]
Arthur is an intelligence officer at Bletchley Park, stationed there after being invalidated from active service due to an injury. He teaches new entrants at the Inter-Service Intelligence School, and he's immediately captivated by one of the newly recruited cryptanalysts, Merlin, a mathematics professor from Cambridge.

Anonymous created A Much Better Ride [Merlin/Arthur - R]
Arthur asks Merlin to go riding and ends up getting side tracked. He finds a better view than the forest around them and takes it upon himself to enjoy it fully.

Anonymous created A Night for Fun [Merlin/Arthur/Gwaine - NC-17]
Merlin makes the best life choices when he's a bit tipsy.

Anonymous created That Which Makes It Whole. [Merlin/Arthur - PG]
Post-reveal Arthur & Merlin, fighting on back to back.

Anonymous created Emrys Dragonlord [Merlin - G]
Merlin commanding a dragon.

Anonymous created The King and His Sorcerer [Merlin/Arthur - G]
Canon AU. Merlin has been made court sorcerer and is performing magic for his king - who watches him proudly.