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Haunted Hotel [Merlin/Arthur - G]

Artist: Alexandarcho
Title: Haunted Hotel
Pairing/Characters: Merlin/Arthur
Media: Digital
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Prompt #54:Halloween. Haunting. Arthur's bed in a creepy hotel
There is an arm slung low around his waist. A body is spooned up behind him (and seriously, since when was Arthur the little spoon?). Whoever it is is male, Arthur can tell by the morning wood poking him in the thigh. The trouble is, when Arthur went to bed last night, he was definitely alone. And he locked the door.
Afraid to move, he just lies there for a moment in this silent embrace. Then, slowly, he glances over his shoulder.
There is no one there.
Notes: It was of great fun to make this art, Merlin being a handsy ghost is not something occur on a daily basis after all. Don't blame me. lol. Hope you guys enjoy it. And thanks again to the mods for hosting the fest.
Summary: He was woken by something kissing his cheek, hugging him from behind. The touch was soft as breeze but cold as the frozen raindrops.
"Finally found you, my precious dove."
It was a whisper, very light and barely audible.
His heart began to pound loudly as he recalled he locked the door before going to sleep and was definitely alone then. Seized by fear, he realized his night in this haunted place was going to be a long hard one.
How Arthur Pendragon encountered some creepy spirit in a creepy hotel room.

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Haunted Hotel

Tags: + fest: 2015, character: arthur, character: merlin, genre: slash, pairing: merlin/arthur, rating: g
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