merlinartmod (merlinartmod) wrote in merlin_art_fest,

The Herald of a New Age [Merlin/Arthur - G]

Artist: le_red_queen / gj_fangirls
Title: The Herald of a New Age
Pairing/Characters: Arthur/Merlin
Media: Digital Art
Rating: G
Warnings: Nil
Prompt #: 28 - "Fires in the Fall", the burning of heaps of fallen leaves in Ealdor or Camelot Castle
Notes: Dear OP, so this isn't quite to the letter, but I hope it follows to the spirit of it.
Summary: The fire lit, nobody notices the king steal away to the top of the battlements. Nobody except the court sorcerer that is, who sees all and knows all. And may have been waiting for him up there.
Merlin looks down as he waits, unable to help the pride he feels as he looks at the gathering - the peasants, the nobility, the druids that Arthur has welcomed into his kingdom - their kingdom. It feels momentous, like something finally settling into place.
Arthur chooses that moment to arrive, slotting himself behind Merlin to press a kiss into his hair. Together, they both settle in to watch the flames.

Alternate Link: reblog on Ao3

Tags: + fest: 2015, character: arthur, character: merlin, genre: slash, pairing: merlin/arthur, rating: g
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